Answers to common questions from our users.

How does Eureka work?

Eureka is like a conversation: we ask questions, you give answers. Then we use this information to create custom treatments plans. You can work with our care team  to action the treatment plan, if you feel it's the right plan for you.

Will Eureka help me feel better?

Yes, we've tested Eureka, and many report improvements.

What does Eureka cost?

If you have health insurance, there's no cost to using Eureka's service.

Can you prescribe medications and lab tests?

Yes, if you choose to action your recommendations and have health insurance, we can prescribe medications and lab tests.

Which states do you support?

It's free to use Eureka for recommendations, and you only need to worry about location when you choose to action our recommendations. At the moment, we support Ohio.

Who's behind Eureka?

Eureka is a team which includes repeat founders and Harvard alumni.

Recommendations from Eureka are free, with no strings attached.